Not All Team Members are Equal — Why You Need Connected Converts to Win Over Others


Do you have an idea to improve your organization or department that you want upper management to adopt? Do you need to close a sale? In situations like these, you are the underdog. It’s a given that it takes a team or coalition of people to effect change. We even see this tactic at play in reality shows where contestants are pitted against each other, where it’s usually portrayed as a dastardly tactic. However, you should consider this tactic to move your request or cause up the corporate ladder.

imageResearch on successful “underdog” influencers shows that virtually all of them … Read the rest

Engaging The Underdog Edge for Persuasion Success


Think of a problem you’re trying to solve:

• Maybe you want to get raises for your team members.

• Perhaps you have a dispute with the IRS.

• Maybe you are the CEO who needs a legislator to vote for a bill that enables your company to expand into new markets.

• Maybe you want that “plum” job.


In these situations, no matter what your title or reputation, you’re not involved in an equal partnership. You’re the underdog. If you’re the team leader, you’re the underdog to your boss. If you’re the taxpayer, you’re the underdog to the … Read the rest