Pre-Gaming to Increase Sales Success


So often in sports we learn about how one team prepares for the other. They watch the films and listen to the interviews that are conducted by the media to see if they can pick up a couple of clues or tendencies that will lead to a victory. In some cases, teams have been accused of filming their opponents’ practice to see if they can achieve a competitive edge.

Most individuals have tendencies; they are predictable. People are comfortable with what they know and tend to follow a pattern. In selling, the goal of a top-level performer is to uncover … Read the rest

Applying Game Theory to Selling: Can It Accelerate Performance?


Simply stated, Game theory is “the study of mathematical models.” It is mainly used in economics, political science, and psychology. Originally, it addressed zero-sum games, in which one person’s gains resulted in another’s loss. Game theory is a study of the ways in which interactions produce outcomes — because of this, it could be applied to selling.


The mathematical theory of games was invented in the mid ’40s. Since that time, there has been quite an evolution as to how it is used as a tool to help determine outcomes based on the predictability of the players and circumstances … Read the rest

Sell Me This Pen


A recent blockbuster movie ended with this request —
“Sell me this pen.”

This seems to be an easy enough request to respond to. However, the answers can be far-ranging and ineffective. Maybe the most appropriate response is, “I have something for you to sign.”

That was the answer given in the movie Wolf of Wall Street, but in real life sales, the response can be somewhat haunting. What would your sales professionals say to that request if asked about your product or service? Would they explain what the product or service does, consists of, its uniqueness? Do they … Read the rest