Today’s Technology is Getting Smarter


Most people agree that our technology is getting smarter, but most don’t realize just how smart. Sure, they know their smart phones have GPS capability and their smart appliances are capable of improving efficiency, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In reality, smart technology is around us every day. From surveillance cameras to clothing, today’s smart technology is watching us, helping us, and getting smarter because of us.

Smart Video

As an example, let’s look at in-store surveillance cameras. In the past, the video quality of those cameras was poor. Most of us can remember watching the nightly … Read the rest

Why Your Organization Needs An Adaptive Website


We are currently in the midst of one the biggest software and hardware revolutions we’ve ever witnessed. With processing power, storage, and bandwidth increasing exponentially, smart phones and smart tablets are quickly becoming our main personal and business computer. Customers, employees, and other stakeholders are bringing and using their smart phones and tablets everywhere, and that definitely impacts how they see and interact with your company online.

For organizations of all sizes, this means it’s time to take a good look at your website. Sure, your site might look great on a desktop or laptop computer screen. But how does … Read the rest

Create Social Media Guidelines to Reach Your Customers


Be sure to establish your intended message and convey guidelines to your employees so they can be credible representatives for your company.

The new frontier of Web 2.0 is not just about informing your customers; it’s about communicating with them. Today’s Web 2.0 tools, such as blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the many other social media options, are all about customer engagement.

When you send your prospects or clients an e-mail, a mailer or a newsletter, or when you place a TV, radio or print ad, you’re informing your audience about something. Those are information-age tools that still have a … Read the rest

Using Social Networks to Make Your Company Recession-Resistant


Most people are familiar with the term “Web 2.0,” which refers to a second generation of web development and design that focuses on fostering social networking via the web. Innovative companies are beginning to embrace Web 2.0 as a way to enhance communication, information sharing, and collaboration, thereby allowing them to work smarter rather than harder.

The business use of Web 2.0 represents a new trend called “Business 2.0.” Aside from being the name of a defunct magazine, Business 2.0 is about using the new web-based social networking applications (many of which were originally created for personal use) in a … Read the rest

In “Blank” We Trust Rethinking Trust and Its Role in Business


With billions of dollars in taxpayer bailout money, how much do you trust the leadership of the banks that, after record losses, gave themselves unprecedented raises? How much do you trust the leaders of Wall Street? How much do you trust our government’s ability to manage the money they have given to the banks or the auto industry? How much do you trust the leaders of the auto industry to do the “right thing” with the bailout money?

This growing lack of trust can have serious consequences as we try to reverse the economic meltdown and bring about positive change Read the rest

Business Trends Every Salesperson Should Know


Every industry and profession goes through changes, and the sales profession is no different.

Just because a certain sales technique or mindset worked in the past doesn’t mean it’ll work today. To be a top-performing salesperson today and in the future, you need to continually adapt to both market and social conditions. With that in mind, there are six new business trends taking place — all of which affect salespeople in every industry. Understand what the trends are and how to maximize them so you can reap the rewards of a successful sales career.

Your past success will increasingly hold Read the rest