Drive the Greatest Revenue Results Using the Rules in Loyalty Sales Calling


The trick to keeping current customers and creating new ones is to always over deliver — give them more than they expect. Satisfaction is not enough; loyalty is the key.

Loyalty, more than any other word you can come up with, is the best way to approach selling your potential clients for immediate and long-term results. Here is the first example of loyalty in a known commodity, selling gas at a gas station. Can you use this example in all selling situations?

You own a gas station, and you know that the net profit margin is very slim, so you … Read the rest

Ethical Theft: Stealing Business From Your Competition


The recent economic challenges are a constant reminder of the need for new business. Sometimes you just have to reach out and grab it.

You are on an airplane, and you strike up a con­versation with the person next to you. She is the decision maker for a company that buys your com­petitor’s products and services. You have such a great exchange during the flight that she asks you for your card and gives you the opportunity to bid for their business. You do, and you win the account. Is this an ethical or unethical way to liberate business from … Read the rest