Selling in a Tough Economy: How to Distinguish Yourself From the Competition


One dreaded statement from a sales prospect could make a salesperson turn pale. “Is this your best deal?” “I’ve interviewed a couple of your competitors and they are willing to sell for less.” “Thanks, but we want to shop around before we make a decision.”

How many of us have recently heard, “Our business has been so good for the past five years we haven’t felt a need to do any sales training, but things are different now and we need help!” In today’s market of intense competition and constant margin pressure, this scenario continues to replay itself.

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The Massive Price of “Negotiaphobia”


Does the prospect of negotiating make you tense? Do you find yourself avoiding negotiations whenever you can? You may have “negotiaphobia.” Research and experience combine to show there is a good chance the “negotiaphobes” in America have left enough money on the table to pay off our National Debt! Why is it that today so many people are reluctant to engage in negotiations?

The symptoms of this affliction are due to three things:

  • A desire to avoid confrontation.
  • A lack of skill in the negotiation process.
  • A victim-like willingness to simply live with the status quo.

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