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Never Give Up — FOLLOW UP!

While most business professionals know that follow-up is important, the fact is that very few are masterful at the art of it. Sure, they may leave one or two voicemails for people or send a couple of emails, but those attempts are only scratching the surface of what follow-up is really all about.

In truth, following up with a prospect or customer is about attending to the details of business. It’s doing what you say you will do and honoring your word. It is committing to what you know you can commit to and … Read the rest

Arm Yourself With the Proper Follow-Up Tools


Follow-up is essential to your success. Many tools are out there to help you tailor your own follow-up system to capture as many sales as possible.

Despite the stereotype of the annoying salesperson who is always pestering you to buy something, the fact is that people want to do business with those who show exceptional follow-up skills. While they don’t want to be bullied or stalked for their business, they do want to work with a salesperson who takes the initiative to educate them, remind them and keep them abreast of current offerings.

Unfortunately, most salespeople lack decent follow-up skills. … Read the rest

Keys to Overcome Fear of Follow Up


The truth is clear: the majority of salespeople don’t take follow up seriously. After talking with a prospect they leave one follow-up voicemail or send one e-mail, and that’s it. A small minority will take it a step further and call or e-mail one additional time, but hearing that someone followed up three, four, five, six or even seven times is rare.

However, that’s exactly how many times you must follow up to get someone’s attention. That’s right, seven follow ups are critical if you want to be successful. Be honest now — how many follow-up attempts do you regularly … Read the rest