12 Ways to Get Your Facebook Account Disabled


Facebook can be a great networking tool for business, but make sure you use it properly and follow the rules, or you may lose your account — and your connections.

Most people who use Facebook don’t spare a thought about whether their Facebook account will be disabled. While I was researching this article, I visited a section of Facebook’s blog that I call “Facebook Purgatory.” This is where the poor souls who have had their accounts disabled go to desperately plead with Facebook to reinstate their accounts. Most have no idea why their account has been disabled, and some have … Read the rest

The Secret to Great Linkedin Recommendations


If you want it done right, do it yourself: help your clients write and post their recommendations.

The online social networking site LinkedIn lets you connect with your business network, allowing you to stay in touch, build relationships and keep up­to-date with important changes to your contacts’ situ­ations — such as employment changes or business de­velopments. LinkedIn also has the ability to help build your credibility with new connections and potential prospects using the Recommendations feature.

Recommendations are testimonials added to your LinkedIn profile by existing connections in your network who have worked with you and want to share their … Read the rest