Characteristics of a Top Producer


Model yourself on these rules to push yourself to the next level.

Selling is an unnatural act. Think about it: when you were growing up, you probably heard these statements (you can finish them yourself):

  • Don’t go where you’re…
  • Don’t talk to…
  • Don’t speak unless you’re…

So, what happens? You grow up and go into sales. You go where you’re not wanted, you’re talking to strangers, and you’re speaking without being spoken to.

How many of your friends in school said, “When I graduate, I’m going into sales!” Not many, I’ll bet. So, how do top producers become that way … Read the rest

Smart Role-Playing Makes Selling Fun Again!


Practice makes perfect. Use the “batting cage” approach to get salespeople excited about perfecting their skills and landing the sale.

Ask sales reps how they feel about role-playing, and you’ll likely see raised eyebrows and rolling eyeballs. No surprise there. Who wants to look and feel like a complete idiot in front of the boss or (even worse) your peers? After all, we spend so much time telling everyone how good we are and how much we know about selling. “A role-play? Please. We don’t need no stinking role-plays.” But, wait! (Does this sound like a ShamWow commercial, yet?) Role-plays … Read the rest