Variables That Help Business Development vs. Those That Will Decrease Business


Often, I am asked globally about the things that can help “business development” in comparison to those that will help “grow the business.”

It is interesting that rarely am I asked about the things that will hurt a business, that is, prevent it from growing or surviving. Both are important for a business to grow and to survive.

When I teach, train, coach and advise about business development, I cover both the things that can be done to “grow business” and the things that can prevent business growth or hurt the business.

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The Traditional Sales Approach of “Are You a Farmer or Are You a Hunter?” Is Grossly Misleading



Those that refer to the traditional sales approach of “Are you a farmer or are you a hunter?” have fallen behind with this old concept or approach.It also indicates the individual’s lack of skills and expertise that are needed for business development especially in this new global business environment.

The farmer approach or mentality refers to those who like to nurture customers and clients with customer service and tending to their needs. This is their main skill and personal comfort zone.

Sometimes it can be taken to the extreme, earning the bad reference, ‘Are you just an order taker?’… Read the rest

Ideas That Are Mandatory to Grow Business in the New Global Business World


Creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, forward thinking, fresh thinking, new ideas, innovation, and reinventing your business are all important and mandatory for being able to grow business in today’s global business world.

It is fairly obvious to most that new products and services are evolving at a fast pace. Those business organizations with new products and new services seem to be growing and those without are declining.

New and creative ideas need to be applied in these areas:

• New products and new services

• Quality improvement

• Cost savings

• New markets

• New applications

• Customer needs

You must aggressively

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