Cut Through the Communication Clutter


When your co‑workers are also the people you live with, communication challenges are bound to occur. Why? Because when you live and work with the same people, whether you’re married and in business together, in a family business, or even in a profession that requires lots of “together time,” such as on a cruise ship or in a firehouse, misunderstandings are bound to happen.

People who are together the majority of the time tend to feel comfortable with each other, and as such they say and do things they may never say or do in a traditional nine-to-five job. After … Read the rest

Turning Customer Complaints Into Cash Opportunities


Unless you work in a profession where you have absolutely no human contact whatsoever, you’re bound to hear a complaint from someone every now and then.

Sometimes it’s a customer complaining about a product not working as promised; other times it’s a complaint about your company’s customer service. Whatever the complaint is, if you have any responsibility for resolving the situation, you need some clear-cut strategies for making complaints a win-win situation for all parties.

Unfortunately, many people are fearful of complaints. They view the complaining person as “a whiner,” as someone “annoying” that they have to deal with. Even … Read the rest