Mutual Action Planning


How to Get Critical Feedback from an Independent Rep

The major challenge in today’s business environment is how to create sustainable, profit inertia. When interacting with your sales force, you are faced with the obvious results oriented approach: Bring in profitable sales and measure your success versus your expectations.

But how do you get salespeople to report critical field data and help your business succeed?

How do you build a sustainable interactive communication culture that focuses on the bottom line and provides the critical data necessary to grow your business?

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Surviving or Thriving — Is There an Option?

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The Pease Group, on behalf of MANA, has been conducting workshops addressing the need for member and non-member manufacturers’ representative network training. This was the eighth year providing this invaluable service and, in many ways, the most challenging. The main purpose for conducting these seminars is to promote a fluid measurement structure within industrial and commercial rep sales force teams, and to create mutual accountability for driving sustainable bottom line results. No doubt the challenge this year was to create the right business plan not just to survive, but to actually thrive in this tumultuous environment.

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