Asset Sale Protection for Sales Representatives — Part Two


This is the second part of a two part series on asset sale protection for sales representatives. I would strongly recommend that you read part one, published last month, either before or after reading this article.

What to do when your principal is in the process of selling its assets and your sales representation agreement has no asset sale protection language — I would venture to say that most sales representative agreements do not have asset sale protection language in them. The only times that I have seen such language in a sales representative agreement is when either the sales … Read the rest

Asset Sale Protection for Sales Representatives — Part One


This is the first part of a two-part series about asset sale protection for sales representatives. When I refer to asset sale protection I am referring to protecting your sales commissions in the event that your principal sells its assets to a third-party purchaser. This can be a very serious problem for sales representatives. The general rule is that the asset purchaser is typically only liable for the specific liabilities that it chooses to be responsible for or to “assume” as part of the Asset Purchase Agreement. Unfortunately for sales representatives, the sales representation agreement and the responsibility to pay Read the rest

Don’t Negotiate Your Contract Backwards


One of the reasons I write articles for Agency Sales magazine is that it saves me time. Since all that I do is represent sales representatives in sales commission disputes and related matters, I keep seeing the same problems but with different faces. It is like déjà vu all over again on a regular basis.

There have been countless times over the years that I have handed or e-mailed copies to my clients of the Agency Sales articles that I have written on a topic related to the client’s problem. I generally ask them to read the article(s) before we … Read the rest

Liability and Other Insurance Requirements in Sales Representation Agreements


Every two or three years MANA conducts an Attorney Forum. This is when attorneys from around the country who handle sales commission disputes and related matters involving principals and sales representatives get together in Chicago to discuss common issues and other matters that may be of interest to the association and its members. Frankly, it is nice to meet some of the other attorneys who do the same type of work as I do. It is also valuable for the attorneys because it allows them to form alliances with other members of the Attorney Forum for clients who have issues Read the rest

Don’t Trade a Brand New Cadillac for a Used Yugo


I am in the midst of a sales representation agreement negotiation with a client of mine who represents principals to the automotive industry in Michigan. I have been in several similar negotiations over the past few years and thought that the issues may be of interest to MANA members, especially those who are sales representatives.

First of all, I should include somewhat of a disclaimer. My entire law practice is focused on representing sales representatives in commission disputes and related matters. Most of my clients represent principals to the automotive industry in North America and more and more of the … Read the rest

Beware of Termination for Cause Language in Your Sales Representation Agreement


My friends on MANA’s staff tell me that most MANA representative members report that the vast majority of their principals treat them honorably and respectfully. Most of the time commissions are paid on a timely basis and according to the terms of the written representative agreement. However, there are enough exceptions to that rule that the primary focus of my law practice is the representation of sales representatives in commission disputes.

A significant part of my practice includes drafting and negotiating sales representative agreements for our clients. One of the major pitfalls in sales representative agreements is language inserted by … Read the rest

Don’t Be Fooled Again


One of the services that we provide for our manufacturers’ representative clients is to review proposed sales representative agreements. Manufacturers’ representatives can sometime be fooled by language in the paragraph dealing with the term of the agreement which gives with one hand and takes away with the other. The manufacturers’ representative often focuses on the term of the agreement which often specifies a term of years and pays little attention to the provision that takes it away. For example the term of the agreement may be for three years. Later — and often in the same paragraph — there will Read the rest

Understanding the Process of Negotiating the Settlement of a Sales Commission Case


My firm is in the business of litigating sales commission disputes. That is virtually all that we do and we almost always represent the sales representative. Many times my client will ask me what we will be asking the defendant /principal to pay to settle the case. Obviously, that will depend on the case but our process is essentially as follows.

Calculate the amount of commissions which are due to date and those which will become due in the future.

This is generally the first step in the process. We calculate the amount of commissions due to date and then … Read the rest

It’s Important to Understand How Your Lawyer Thinks


One thing that I have learned in more than 30 years of practicing law is that it is important for the client to have a good understanding of the manner in which his or her lawyer thinks. I explain to my clients that lawyers are in the information processing business. Now that is not all that we do but it is an important part of it. We take large amounts of information and try to condense it down to a manageable level that we can present to a jury, judge or arbitrator to present a clear and concise case for

Read the rest