Expecting the Unexpected — Four Tips to Safeguard Your Business


January 15, 2009: US Airways Flight 1549 was on its way to Charlotte, North Carolina, when, two minutes after takeoff, a flock of Canada geese flew into the aircraft causing both engines to fail. The passengers braced for impact. As the plane fell from the sky, the freezing waters of the Hudson River came into view and Flight 1549 hit the water at 150 mph. Dave Stockton, a businessman on the plane, said later in a television interview, “When you think you’re going to die, you start thinking about your life… your family, little league baseball, things like in a

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Empty Chairs and Empty Pockets: Re-examining the Value of Life Insurance


What if your office chair were empty tomorrow and forever? How valuable are you to your organization? How important are your skills, your leadership, your vision and passion to the success and future of your business, institution, organization or even your family?

These are not hypothetical questions. They are as real as your heartbeat. Who is counting on you? Make no mistake; there are many who will hurt, some businesses may fold, some schools, colleges, churches and institutions may suffer, some dear ones may not recover emotionally or financially if your chair is empty.

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