Practical Tools For Making the Most Out of Technology


With all the new devices technology offers us, what is best for you and your organization? What will enhance your employees’ effectiveness and maximize their productivity?

There are so many choices out there for mobile devices, so which ones are best to equip you and your team? Let’s review some of the primary device categories and for whom they might make the most sense.

Smartphones are useful for anyone who needs to stay “connected” when mobile. Smartphone users should ensure that they have full wireless synchronization of their e-mail, calendar and contacts; they shouldn’t have to be at a computer … Read the rest

Technology Is Calling: Should You Answer?


 Technology has created new communication methods for our customers and prospects over and above the traditional telephone and face-to-face communication. You already know these methods well: e-mail, text messages, Twitter, social media, webinars and video conferencing. On top of that, we now have more devices that aid in communication, including cell phones, smartphones, laptops, desktops, netbooks, notebooks and tablets.


This poses the question: Is all this technology helping or harming the process of communication?

One of the potential downsides of electronic communication like those above is that they typically put some “remoteness” or “distance” between us and our

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Buying Time With the Currency of Technology


This article is reprinted with permission from the Winter 2008 issue of The Partner Channel magazine.

Time — it seems we never have enough of it. In this day of “high tech,” we sell technology but we don’t always use it to make ourselves more effective in our own daily business activities.

About four years ago, I set out to test the notion that I could be more productive using the standard readily available “tools,” including Microsoft Outlook and Office. What I found was a world of difference between how we as businesspeople currently operate our computers and how we … Read the rest