Editorial in the Field


After 35 years in the rep business, I cannot help but reminisce about what my kids refer to as “the old days.” Often we made deals with a handshake, told our principals we would do a good job for them, went out and did it, and never worried about receiving our check.

My, how times have changed (and I am sure for the better). We have become much better businesspeople. Selling is just not selling anymore, but a combination of sales, marketing, consulting, accounting and much more.

When interviewing for a new line, the first two questions we ask are: What is your marketing plan? What are you prepared to do to help make this a mutually successful relationship? The point, of course, is that the question goes both ways. We are, after all, a team. For a team to win it requires a team effort. It cannot be one-sided, otherwise we are doomed to failure before we start. Winning requires a well-coordinated plan. The absolute best manufacturers we have worked with over the years worked with us to formulate such a plan and stood side by side with us to make it successful.

Perhaps this is overly simplified, but before manufacturers and reps commit to the terms of the relationship, it should be clearly understood what the requirements are — and it’s not just a contract.

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A member since 1974, John Roba is a past MANA District Director and Chairman of the Board, and co-founder of the Upstate New York Chapter of the Association. The John D Roba Company, Inc., was founded in 1970 and is celebrating over 47 years of business serving the recreational vehicle, manufacturer housing, marine, and automotive industries. Roba has also served as president of RVAA (Recreational Vehicle Aftermarket Association) and PRVCA (Pennsylvania Recreational Vehicle and Campers Association). In 2014 he received the prestigious honor of being elected into the RV/MH Hall of Fame.