Give Back to the Rep Profession, Just 15 Minutes Per Month — Revisited


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In May I discussed a great way to give back to the representative profession. When a manufacturer whose products don’t fit your line card contacts you, take a few minutes to let them know your company is not a fit and encourage them to continue their search for a representative who would be great for their products. If you don’t, some other representative loses when they hire a direct salesperson.

This message struck a chord with representatives — here is some of their feedback from social media:

This is an excellent point, and I have to admit that I am about 50/50 regarding responses, but will turn that into 100 percent responses as of today!

— Tim Carey, President, Kirk Sales, Inc.

Charley — you could not be more right on with your comments. We owe at least that to our profession and to the Companies who pay to use this service.

— Mark Conley, President/CEO, O’Donnell Associates North, Inc.

I should practice what I preach. I always return my phone calls or e-mails, so I should do the same when a prospective principal is reaching out. I don’t like it when I leave a message and don’t get a reply. Thank you, Charles, for explaining how the prospective manufacturer was not getting a reply. I could understand how frustrated she or he was, and this is not a good reflection on the sales representatives’ profession. I will respond to all manufacturers that reach out in the future.

— Lisa Wilson, Owner, L.S. Wilson & Associates, Inc.

I always respond and will refer another rep who may be interested.

— John Aiello, Owner, PSE Associates, LLC

Guilty as charged. There seems to be a definite increase in searching for outsourced sales. I have just responded to a company, late, but responded.

— Thomas Leslie, Thomas M Leslie & Associates, LLC

In the field of material handling there have not been many inquiries. I have not responded to all of them since they don’t fit my business profile. I will, in the future, contact even those who do not fit my line card and express my support for what they are doing. We are PROFESSIONALS and this is one way to show that.

— George Murphy, President at G. Murphy Sales, LLC

To cultivate and preserve a healthy pool of principals for all of us, each encounter principals have with a manufacturers’ representative must reinforce our professionalism. Call them back or e-mail them back and you elevate the professionalism of our entire industry.

Beware of the Entrepreneur?


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In years past Agency Sales magazine has addressed the subject of house accounts via coverage of industry presentations and round tables, personal interviews and in a variety of survey articles. It should come as no surprise to anyone who is an agent, who works with agents, or someone who observes the business model that includes independent manufacturers’ representatives taking products to market that house accounts are the exception and not the rule. However, they do happen and they do exist.

When house accounts rear (what some might consider their ugly) heads, it’s generally for reasons such as:

  • Cost — the
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More than 500,000 startups are born each year in the United States alone. Impressed by that number? Don’t be — because 50 percent of those startups fail within their first year. And, within the next four years, another 50 percent — or more — will fail. The environment for small business is hostile. If you’re running a small business today, you know what I mean. Luckily, there are ways to master your environment and give your company a leg up. The number-one rule is this: You absolutely must know how to sell your product or service. And you need to

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Mentors Direct Early Stage Business


Long-time friend of MANA Bob Reiss has graciously allowed Agency Sales magazine to serialize his book Bootstrapping 101: Tips to Build Your Business with Limited Cash and Free Outside Help, available now on The book looks at surprisingly effective low-cost and no-cost ways to acquire the resources you need to run your company. Whether your company is an existing enterprise or a start up, a manufacturers’ representative company or a manufacturer, this book will introduce you to innovative ways to cut your costs and drive more of your income into bottom line profits.

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90 Percent of Sales Success Is…


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Lessons Learned From World War II Encounter


On the westernmost point of Alaska, forming the tip of the Aleutian Islands sits the small island of Attu. Attu has the distinction of simultaneously being the westernmost point in the United States and North America and also one of the easternmost points, (being that it is actually in the eastern hemisphere). Also, it was the site of the only land battle ever fought on U.S. soil during World War II.

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Recruit Your Way to the Top


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Treating Agents as Family


If a manufacturer ever wants to identify a conversational flashpoint with its independent manufacturers’ representatives all he has to do is introduce the subject of house accounts. House accounts are guaranteed to garner opinions from all quarters, and it’s a subject that never seems to go away.

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The Power of Taking Decisive Action


“Whatever you can do or dream, you can begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.
Begin it now.”

— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832), German poet and dramatist

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The purpose of this article is to identify guidelines for enhancing the value of your agency, as well as important items to consider in succession planning for your agency. The guidelines are based on the author’s experiences of being involved in more than 100 agency transitions. First, the stage will be set with a look at valuations, along with important structural elements and historical perspective. Then, we will examine some strategic planning points that might increase the consideration payable to you, if and when you decide to pass along your agency.


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