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This is how a computer stores the word “rep.” Binary language. Nothing but ones and zeros. To human eyes, incomprehensible.

image of binary code

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Something else about ones and zeros has been almost equally incomprehensible. Can reps earn commissions selling ones and zeros?

Let me explain.

Yesterday I had a conversation with a manufacturer of communication software used in manufacturing plants so employees on the plant floor can communicate more effectively.

The software manufacturer wants to sell his software using manufacturers’ reps. After all, he reasoned, reps who are calling on specifying influences for other equipment on the plant floor would be a natural to sell his software. Except….

Except that most reps I speak with are used to selling a physical product. The product ships from their principal to a customer, the customer receives an invoice, and the rep gets paid a percentage of the invoiced price.

But selling software is different. When a rep selling manufacturing software makes a sale, ones and zeros pass from the software company to the customer. No physical products move. If the software is sold as a subscription, there may not even be an invoice. Let me give you an example.

A rep convinces a customer to equip 100 manufacturing employees with productivity software. The customer pays $20 per employee per month, $2,000 total a month, and the rep gets paid commission each month the customer continues to use the software.

If the rep has negotiated a good contract, the rep will continue to be paid sales commission for as long as the customer uses the software. It’s the ones and zeros equivalent of a life-of-part/life-of-program agreement for physical products.

It’s the first month of a new decade. Has the time come for reps to embrace selling intangible products, or does the rep business model require physical products? Please write to me with your comments; my email is ccohon@manaonline.org.

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Compensating for Trade Show Duty


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Succession: Planning Makes Perfect


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Actually, it’s a “lack-of-listening” crisis.

Whether your role is executive, managerial, sales or anything else, it’s critically important to your success that you listen.

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Rules for Negotiating Representative Agreements That Last


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Balance Pays Dividends

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Mistakes That Doom a Company’s Marketing


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The Sales Force — Working With Reps


This is the 16th in a number of articles serializing The Sales Force — Working With Reps by Charles Cohon, MANA’s president and CEO. The entire book may be found in the member area of MANA’s website.

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Foundation for Top Sales Achievement


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Ingredient #1 for High Achievement: Be in Sales for the Right Reasons

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MANA Recognizes Members’ Milestone Anniversary Dates

Thank youMANA wants to recognize members who have been with us for many years, those who celebrated their 65, 60, 55, 50, 45, 40, 35, 30 and 25 year membership anniversary the previous year.

MANA thanks and congratulates the members listed here for their long‑term support and commitment.

Representative Members
70 years

Darin Dankelson
Metal Parts & Equipment Co.
Northbrook, IL

60 years

Steve Meyer
Espey & Assocs, Inc.
Sheffield Village, OH

William S. O’Brien
The Buckland Sales Co.
Manchester, CT

55 years

Jeffrey T. Boyd
Custom Sales, Inc.
Tulsa, OK

Neil P. Schuld
JLS Industrial Sales, Inc.
Westlake, OH

Timothy … Read the rest

Paying Attention to Service Pays Off


The newsletter “Quality Assurance Report” states that only when a company knows exactly what kind of service its customers expect, delivers on those expectations 100 percent of the time, at a price that customers are willing to pay, while still getting an acceptable return, can the company claim to excel in customer service.

Northwest Delta Dental excels in the customer experience and enjoys an impressive annual profit. They’ve known for years that customer service doesn’t cost — it pays!

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Considering Both Sides of a Story


A folksy bit of wisdom was forthcoming from a meeting of four manufacturers as they were considering relations with their reps. When the subject arose of mistakes that reps make in their dealing with principals, one of the manufacturers offered the following insight: “No matter how you cook a pancake, it always has two sides.”

That’s when he went on to offer a partial list of what he considered missteps principals can be accused of making in their relations with reps. On that list were the following:

  • A failure to clearly identify mutual expectations before selecting independent reps.
  • Failure to
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Spotting Signs Your IT Is Out of Date


The evolution of IT technology is advancing at breakneck speed. This evolution not only keeps the IT department in a constant state of change, but also dramatically changes the way the overall business must adapt to stay competitive.

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Our Contract Has Been Breached, What Now?


A Sales Rep’s Options if Their Principal Breaches the Contract and How to Prevent It

Part One

One of the most common and pertinent questions I get from sales reps is, “My principal breached one of the commission payment requirements of the contract but they are still paying me on other sales. What should I do?” That’s a very good question that depends on the circumstances. My intent in this article is to explore the various options.

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MANA’s Board of Directors Meet With Members in Atlanta

At MANA’s recent Board of Directors meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, MANA’s Board took questions from local MANA members and MANA CEO Charles Cohon demonstrated MANA’s new RepFinder® smartphone app.

MANA Board Chairperson John Davis, Paul Davis Automation, Inc., Chardon, Ohio, also thanked board members Stephen Fowler, Process Equipment Resources & Consulting Services, Bridgewater, New Jersey, and Ed Juline, Mexico Representation, Guadalajara, Mexico, for serving two two-year terms on MANA’s Board of Directors and thanked past Board Chairperson John Beaver, GSA Optimum, Oakdale, New York, for his service on the board and as board chairperson.… Read the rest

NMRA Elects New Leadership

The National Marine Representatives Association (NMRA) recently elected its 2019-2020 officers and board of directors. All are independent manufacturers’ sales reps who work in the commercial and recreational marine markets.

Patrick Churchman of Midwest Outdoor Marketing became NMRA president and Scott Kolodny of ComMar Sales is vice-president. Aaron Freeman of Tideline Marketing is the new treasurer and Mark Goodman of SGL Sales & Marketing is now secretary, after serving on the board of directors. Clayton Smith of Waters & David Company becomes the past president.

Robert Guerrieri of Atlantic Marketing, Jorge Montes of Brunger Export, and Mike Steiner of West … Read the rest