Happy New Year!


As MANA celebrates 60 years, we have accepted the challenge to deliver new changes to positively impact your association and improve your businesses. We have revised our mission and vision statements, and we are about to complete a new strategic plan that will be published for your reaction and input. We want your thoughts and ideas.

Here in our Southern California offices we have two big surprises for many of our members (and non-members, and me):

  • A prepared and experienced MANA team that provides extremely personalized customer service and support.
  • A wealth of information in the form of special reports, white papers, “how to” documents, books, expert summaries — all great tools for you to use.

At MANA, our team has many years of experience, and we are well equipped to solve your issues and problems. We can provide the necessary guidance, resources and direction to enhance your ability to succeed and grow in this ever-changing representative environment.

Some of our deliverables: new webinars/webcasts, blogs (Do you “blog”?), all-rep meetings, half-day seminars, three-day learning experiences (major conferences), newly enhanced matchmaking techniques for manufacturers to find reps, and our updated MANA website. All of these are ways in which we are attempting to provide concise and pertinent information to you, along with networking opportunities with hundreds of sales experts — your peers.

What we need from you is input! We will be conducting a series of FMS (Five Minute Surveys) via the Internet. We promise that your input will take only five minutes, and we ask that you devote this brief amount of time to submit your ideas so we can better construct programs and strategies to meet your needs.

We will continue the strong value proposition that MANA historically has provided. We are in the business of communicating, and want to be certain that we are communicating, educating, protecting and most of all advocating (selling!) the representative function. Thanks for your continued support, info-share and involvement with your association.

My sincere gratitude and warm appreciation goes out to those special people who assisted me while joining the MANA team. Thank you very much.

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Bryan C. Shirley, CPMR, principal at OneAccord Consulting.