Phrases to Never Use in E-mails and Some Voice Mail Tips


When you work in sales every interaction with a prospect is important. So, when you send an e-mail filled with overused phrases, you’re not making the best impression on a potential client. To avoid losing a client over your poor communication skills, avoid these phrases in your sales e-mails.

  • “We guarantee the lowest price.”

One thing you can guarantee is that every salesperson in the universe includes this sentence in their sales e-mails. Salespeople should try to get clients to think of the value instead of the price, so don’t make your pitch centered around the price you can offer.… Read the rest

Tips to Make Your App Millennial Friendly | 28 Shares


Are you developing a mobile app for your business? You’re not alone. More than 90 percent of companies said that they are planning on increasing their mobile investment in 2016, so you’ll have a lot of competition in the mobile space. How can you stand out and attract the crucial Millennial demographic to use your apps? Follow these tips!

  • Focus on Speed

It’s no surprise that Millennials thrive off of instant gratification. After all, they have probably been using technology since before they can even remember. To cater to this need for instant gratification, it’s important that your app performs … Read the rest

How Should Your Sales Team Be Using LinkedIn?


LinkedIn is often thought of as a digital resume or a way for job seekers to connect with recruiters and find new opportunities, but it is much more than that. Salespeople can greatly benefit from using this social media platform, not just to update their colleagues on their sales experience, but also to grow their business. Here are some of the many ways LinkedIn can be used to benefit salespeople:

  • Research

When a new lead comes through the pipeline, your sales team should hop onto LinkedIn to do a little background research. Is the prospect connected to any of your … Read the rest