Aw, If Only This Software Had This Feature!


The coronavirus has definitely impacted the way we do business today.

Those firms who are up and running on a CRM platform are positioned to capitalize on their database that they have built over the years. CRM databases containing contact information, MRO, OEM and contractor profiles, quote history, old and dead lead information, even some with SIC or NAICS codes. With business slow, this is the ideal opportunity to make the move to a CRM system, train your people the right way to use it, and then begin capitalizing from it in ways you probably would not have thought about … Read the rest

Stage Creep


Most CRM software systems on the market today include a field for “Stages of a Sale.” The number of stages in a sale can vary according to industry and sales methodology. Whether the number is 12 or five, it is critical that the sales team clearly understands the criteria for each stage, as well as what does not qualify for the stage.

Salespeople in firms that use CRM tend to feel pressure to have their pipelines reflect movement from stage to stage. This pressure creates an open door for “stage creep,” where salespeople try to fit their situation into the … Read the rest