The Importance of Ongoing Education and Training


As we stress the importance of education and training in this issue of Agency Sales, I can’t help but think of Stephen Covey’s message on how important it is that we constantly work at sharpening the saw. You can never assume that you know everything you should know about your profession and that’s especially true about the rep profession. Reps are fortunate — perhaps more fortunate than people in other professions — in that we have so many opportunities to “sharpen our saws.” Perhaps at the top of the list of training/educational opportunities that we can avail ourselves of … Read the rest

Cutting Off Your Nose to Spite Your Face


As I looked through the MANA directory recently, I was very surprised at the number of rep firms that do not have websites.

This is either the case of a rep not updating their directory listing, or that they still do not have a website. I hope it is the first case and not the second.

Do you have business cards? A line card? These are ways you market your firm with the people you come in contact with. A website is the way you market your firm to the world.

I have noticed in the last few years that … Read the rest

Editorial in the Field


I have experienced every incentive plan devised by manufacturers to get their reps to sell more. I have seldom seen these plans produce desired results.

Agencies are businesses that provide sales and marketing services; they are not simply salespeople paid on a commission basis. As businesses, they operate from a profit motive.

Reps know that selling is like planting a vegetable garden; they know that some of the vegetables will come up, but when and how many depends upon conditions over which they have no control.

At the same time, reps have to deal with their cash flow. How do … Read the rest