The Hidden Value of Social Media


Organic social media marketing can be a flashy/shiny object to companies. Brands start tossing time/money/resources into it, almost hoping that something positive will happen from all that effort.

We call that the “post and pray” method.

Or they barrel into organic social media, thinking it should be approached like any other direct response channel.

We call that generally a bad idea.

Examples of things I’ve heard company decision makers say (any of these sound familiar?):

  • We’ve got to be on TikTok; it’s exploding right now!
  • Social media feels like a marketing tax we have to pay — it doesn’t do
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Key Steps for Leveraging Social Media Marketing to Drive Real Results


Investing in marketing campaigns can be a nerve-wracking decision for many small- and medium-sized businesses. CEOs and marketing directors know that when you have limited resources, you must be strategic with your budget, and every marketing investment has to pay off.

This is why social media campaigns tend to be the first thing cut. Although free to set up, they take valuable staff resources to manage, and the ROI is not as apparent. While launching a social-media campaign likely won’t bring leads and sales pouring in your door tomorrow, when you implement a few social-media success strategies, you’ll find it … Read the rest