Key Contract Terms to Strengthen Rep Agreements

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Based on our significant experience reviewing and managing commission claims with manufacturers’ representative (rep) agreements with their suppliers, the author thought it might be helpful to go through a summary of these provisions and provide some helpful perspectives and best practices.

“Rep Theory”

The value of a manufacturers’ rep is fundamentally tied into relationships they have with customers and with suppliers (principals). It has been said that the assets of an agency “go home at night,” which is a reference to the intangible nature of their relationships. The rep functions as a drummer, facilitator, expediter and solicitor. As a general … Read the rest

Best Practices for Risk Management for Reps

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Risk management has been a popular topic in business circles for at least 10 years, if not longer. Larger enterprises have full departments dedicated to surfacing and addressing business risk. One way to enhance value for a rep agency, or any business for that matter, is to capture sales or other opportunities. Similarly, managing or reducing risk can also add value through prevented or protected losses.

The following reflects a framework for manufacturers’ reps to assess risk and pass along how suppliers and customers might also be dealing with and managing risk, in an effort to better understand each other’s … Read the rest