One Man’s View of Rep Training


When considering the question concerning what training is best for independent manufacturers’ representatives, the big answer, offered from 10,000 ft., isn’t just specific to reps, but rather applicable to any organization that has salespeople as critical to their primary go‑to‑market initiative.

After any organization puts together their yearly business plans they should:

• Consider the specific skills their sales professionals need in order to meet and exceed those specific plans.

• Then, they should take a careful look at their people resources to determine what skills they already have, need to do better, or need as new.

• Next, … Read the rest

Reps Have Needs Too!


Earlier this year, I was asked by the Electronics Representatives Association (ERA) to moderate a panel discussion for select Illinois and Wisconsin sales, management, and manufacturer professionals in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The purpose of this open forum was to clearly identify expectations and competencies of each other to effectively move forward in this challenging economy.

This important event pointed out that mutual interests certainly out-weigh differences. For example, manufacturers and reps both want and need strong two-way communication. Both demand strong well-trained leadership of one another. And both manufacturers and reps strive for and require specific measurable objectives for territory visits, … Read the rest