Breaking the Bonds of Mediocrity


It is easy to become satisfied with good or even very good performance.

We feel content with living a good life, having a good marriage, or achieving good results in business or sales. But very good is the enemy of great. You think great is right next door. It’s not. It’s in another country. When your work gets very good, it is just the beginning.

Maybe you’re thinking, “But I’m just an ordinary person.” Consider this true story: Steve was an average performer. He worked for an investment wholesaler catering to the needs of outside financial service professionals. His manager … Read the rest

Go From Good to Great: Boosting Your Sales Career


Many experienced sales professionals don’t see the need for continuous improvement. They often think, “I’ve been selling for 15 years, so I must be great.” However, number of years’ experience is not a measure of excellence. Such thinking can limit sales professionals from achieving a higher level of success.

Just because you’ve been doing something for years doesn’t mean you can’t or don’t need to improve. Oftentimes people get satisfied at just being good at what they do. Then they stop doing all the little things that made them great, such as using a pre-call checklist, asking for referrals and … Read the rest