You CAN Lead Through Change


“Are you kidding me? Weekly meetings!” Riley was questioning why Clint, his boss, is requesting weekly staff meetings instead of the longstanding monthly meetings. “Is this the beginning of a new form of micromanagement? Why do we have to change now?” Riley asks himself. “It’s such a burden with no apparent benefit.”

Clint notices Riley’s questioning response about the weekly meetings. The weekly meetings are part of the changes coming to the department. If the team didn’t meet weekly, they would struggle implementing the new software for customer relationship management. Clint needs Riley on board with this change. If Riley … Read the rest

Controlling Chemical Brain Freezes For Better Sales


Kristy had finally worked her way to the front of the store after standing in line for 45 minutes with about 30 other people with their holiday packages at one of the mail (shipping) stores in a mall. The two women working behind the counter were frantically trying to take care of customers, as the line grew increasingly longer with each passing minute. Close enough to the counter now, Kristy was able to overhear one of the women behind the counter utter to herself “Oh no, the computer screen blacked out.” One of the two computers had crashed, as the

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