All Customers Lie

Recognizing false customer objections

The people you want to sell to don’t always tell the whole truth. In fact, sometimes they even lie. Perhaps you think I am losing my mind, but it’s true: prospects often put up barriers to new products and services that can actually help their company. They resist because they don’t want to shake things up. The bottom line? It’s up to us in sales to make sure that we cut through the BS.

Examples of Typical Objections

All my vendors are doing a great job, and we are not looking for anyone else right now.Read the rest

What Are They Thinking?

If you don’t know what your customers think about you, your business may be in trouble. How often do you request feedback from your customers? How often do you visit them? Call them?

Remember, in business no news is bad news. If your customers aren’t saying anything, it does not mean they are happy. It does not mean your slot in their vendor base is secure, nor does it mean you are getting all the business you should from them.

We all need to know what our customers are thinking, doing and buying. We have to be in constant touch … Read the rest