Lead Your Organization Through Major Change


When change is forced upon you, making the shift is often more stressful and more difficult than when you thoughtfully decide to take your organization in a new direction. After all, making a change that you plan for is exciting and filled with opportunity, while making a change as the result of outside forces putting pressure on you is filled with risk and unpredictability.

Unfortunately, most organizations resist these externally mandated changes and are slow to respond. They fear the risk involved, and as a result they miss many opportunities. Change under external circumstances is scary because you often don’t … Read the rest

Managing Interruptions And Your Time


Time gets lost. People kill time. Time flies. It gets wasted. 

Time weighs heavy on our hands. 

We spend time. Time passes. It drags on or it hurries by. 

Those behind bars are said to be doing time. 

Sometimes, we have no time left; we’re out of time.

According to the great American inventor, Thomas Edison, “Time is really the only capital any human being has, and the one thing he can’t afford to waste.”

The perception of not having enough time for the things we must do or, just as importantly, the things we want to do, is a … Read the rest