Plan Your Way to Success and Increase Sales


If you are like many salespeople, you hit the ground running without doing much planning or having clear objectives for the next quarter, much less the next 12 months. However, successful salespeople get organized by setting aside time to focus on their goals and establish clear objectives.

Strategic planning based on setting goals is not a complicated process, and it doesn’t need to take a lot of time. However, in order to be organized, it’s important to start with clarity about what you want to accomplish. Steven Covey refers to this approach as “Beginning with the end in mind.”

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Questions Seal the Deal


In selling situations, the problem the prospect brings you is rarely the actual issue or concern.

Your job as the salesperson (i.e., problem solver) is to uncover the problems and identify the real issues. By spending the time up front asking intelligent questions, you’ll be able to provide real value to the client down the road. And, if you discover there’s nothing for you to help with, move on.

The key is to slow down early in the process to ask the questions necessary to gain understanding and insight. What’s your rush? Before plunging in, determine if the prospect is … Read the rest

Creating Profitable Relationships by Earning Trust and Credibility


What counts most in a sales relationship? Without a doubt, it’s trust and credibility. You may have the world’s best selling techniques, but if prospects don’t trust you, there goes the sale. Trust and credibility together are essential for getting to the truth as quickly as possible in a sales situation — and for developing long-term relationships. Without them, you can write off a successful sales career.

Easier said than done? Here are some pointers gleaned from years of sales experience. To build trust and earn credibility, start early in the sales process by level-setting expectations. Sales involves mutual understanding … Read the rest