Need a Sales Superstar? Tips to Help You Hire for Drive


Identifying, attracting and hiring high-achieving salespeople requires patience and discipline, especially given the current talent shortage. It may be tempting to fill an empty role (and save yourself time and work) by hiring someone who’s merely qualified, not driven.

However, compromising on the caliber of your hires is not an option: The quality of your salespeople directly determines the quality of your results. Here are five things you can do to find and hire the most driven high performers.

1. Attract High-Drive Candidates With Targeted Job Listings

High-drive people are attracted to high-drive situations, so that’s how you should position … Read the rest

The Cost of Compromise: Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Lower Your Standards When Hiring Salespeople


Especially given the current talent shortage, it’s hard to find good salespeople. Lowering your standards to fill an opening — no matter how desperate you might be — could be a fatal mistake.

As the economy (finally) heats up, hiring managers are desperately trying to fill sales openings. Faced with stiff competition for a small pool of applicants, you might be tempted to compromise on the quality of new hires. It’s easy to rationalize: Thanks to the pandemic, the nature of sales has changed. The role is less forward-facing than it used to be, and anyone can give a virtual … Read the rest

Teachable and Non‑Teachable Skills Great Salespeople Must Possess


Some of the skills that power high-performing salespeople are innate — they either have them or they don’t. Others must be learned. Here are several of the most important to look for in prospects and coach for in your existing sales team.

Are great salespeople born? Or are they made? It’s a question that confounds many sales managers desperate to hire and hone a winning team. The answer is both — and if you want to survive in the fiercely competitive post-Covid economy, you need to know how to identify and coach for the traits that equip salespeople to acquire … Read the rest

The Top Mistakes Sales Managers Make (and How to Avoid Them)


Most sales managers trip over two big stumbling blocks:

  • Hiring the wrong candidates.
  • Motivating salespeople incorrectly.

Here’s how to stop the revolving door for good.

Hiring and managing salespeople are the most important things you will do as a sales manager; yet, they are also the most difficult. Finding effective salespeople can feel like a never-ending cycle of hiring, training, and inevitable disappointment. Even worse, this revolving door costs your company thousands with every turn. The big problem is that traditional hiring techniques are terrible at identifying the most crucial quality a salesperson can possess.

Less than 20 percent of … Read the rest