Add-On Sales


There is a reason why McDonald’s continues to enjoy such huge revenues. Could it be that there are more than 31,000 McDonald’s restaurants around the world in 118 countries? That is partly the reason; however, I believe the fact that they sell nine million pounds of their delicious French fries per day is an even more important element.

What they really do well is ask, “Would you like fries with that?” McDonald’s worldwide excels at add-on sales. I realize that others have also gotten on the “add-on sales” bandwagon, yet McDonald’s consistently performs year after year.

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Value Through the Eyes of Your Customer


Do you think your customers appreciate the value of the value-added services you offer?

  • If you think so, just how valuable are they to your customers?
  • What are the real dollar amounts that are assigned, by your customers, to the value-added extra you offer?
  • Have you told your customers the real-dollar value amounts that you have assigned to the value-added services you offer?
  • Have you even assigned real-dollar amounts yet?

Recently, in dealing with the issue of value through the eyes of your customer, I challenged a group of sales agents for an international manufacturing company to answer these questions Read the rest

Long-Term Selling


The relationship you build is more important than the pressure close.

“The bonds that unite another person to ourself exist only in our mind.” — Marcel Proust

Do you want to sell more? Sure you do, but the question is, “What price are you willing to pay for your long-term success?” Are you willing to give up instant gratification? Many salespeople are not. Why would you even consider delaying the gratification of a sale, especially if you sell on commission? For your sustained selling success, I believe it is infinitely more valuable to your selling career to put off the … Read the rest

Partner Selling: Steps to Serve Your Customers and Be Rewarded


Partner selling is a very logical approach to selling in today’s electronically connected world. We all like to do business with people we know and trust. This simply makes a buyer more confident in their purchase. If you sell from the perspective of serving customers as a partner, rather than an opponent, your rewards will certainly follow.


To become a trusted partner with your prospects and customers, first care enough to see their needs through their eyes. Their perception is their reality. Seeing things through their eyes will help you to position yourself as their caring and trusted partner … Read the rest

The Real Cost of Mediocrity


Have you ever wondered what the real cost of mediocrity within your organization might be? Has there ever been a time when a mess-up by someone internally, proved to be quite costly in both money/resources and time/energy? Has there been a time when a mess-up by someone in your organization caused a huge toll on an outsider, i.e., supplier or customer? Training, ego and attitude can be the answer.

In the world of selling, the real cost of mediocrity can be extreme.

In selling, there are generally two categories: hunters and farmers. The hunters are the salespeople, both inside and … Read the rest