Following a Path to “Perfection”


There are really only a few, very important, things that a principal must do in order to make their agents happy and really want to sell a lot of their products. All agents want to be treated as professionals and true partners with the principal. Below are the main attributes each principal should strive to achieve if in fact they want to be considered “perfect.”

  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Open communication
  • Friendly
  • Mutual respect


Without a principal being totally upfront and honest with an agent, there is no chance for a great relationship. The agent will never trust the principal and … Read the rest

Achieving Your Goals


Fulfilling your clients’ expectations — keeping them happy — is the way to success.

Knowing where you are going with your projects through all the stages of follow-up will get you to your goal while meeting your clients’ needs and expectations at the same time. Creating space for success along the way by letting go of unprofitable clients and hiring associates to help you promote your products and services may be necessary steps for you to consider in order to increase your sales.

Fulfilling Client Expectations

Clients who are satisfied with your products and services provide you with a good … Read the rest

Building Professional Relationships


In order to be a skillful salesperson it’s essential to understand your client’s behavior and personality as well as their particular needs and preferences in relating to you. A successful salesperson is always trying to “figure out people.” It’s helpful to understand the psychology of communication. Your own success will be enhanced when you show a client that you are truly interested in working with them, and that you want to build a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship.

Understanding Your Clients

Make relationships part of your success. Each client is unique, and you must adapt your style to help them feel … Read the rest

Following Up Gets the Sale


Some facts about sales follow-ups:

  • 80 percent of sales close successfully after a minimum of five face-to-face visits.
  • 48 percent of salespeople stop after the first call, 25 percent after the second, 12 percent after the third, five percent after the fourth.
  • Only 10 percent make the fifth call and they get 80 percent of the sales!

Follow-up is the most important sales activity you need to do and must be done properly to succeed because:

  • You will have more contact with the client.
  • The client will trust you more because you show up or call when they want you
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