Developing Leadership for Today’s Skill-Driven Teams


The Lights! Camera! Action! Approach

If you had to sit through eight hours of leadership training tomorrow, which leader do you think would teach you more about how to lead your particular organization: Colin Powell (the former U.S. Army general) or Steven Spielberg (the award-winning filmmaker)?

Perhaps you don’t have an immediate answer. Maybe you’ve been a big fan of one or the other and one personality attracts you more than the other. But our question shouldn’t really be about who would you enjoy more as your instructor, but instead should be about who has the most to teach you; … Read the rest

What Leadership is NOT Leadership Myths to Avoid


Bradley was failing, and failing badly. Not only did the members of his team avoid him in the lunchroom and never stop by to say “good morning,” they had begun taping a target to his back every day and everyone had signed up for archery lessons. Bradley’s leadership style just wasn’t working.

Unfortunately, Bradley’s core problem was that he suffered from several leadership myths he’d picked up from pop culture. Like many of us, he didn’t have any formal training in leadership so his beliefs came mostly from watching movies. Leadership to Bradley was square-jawed men taking on insurmountable odds, … Read the rest