Strategies for Successful Exit Planning


Exit planning is a modern-day business strategy and the most effective process for learning to work on your business while you work in your business — even if you’re not quite ready to leave.

A review of the market and exit planning stakeholders shows that:

  • The exit planning market is approximately 10 trillion dollars.
  • 7.2 million business owners 50 years and older own more than 9 million businesses.
  • 4.2 million businesses are successful.

The typical exit planning candidate has been in business for 10 years, has one or more key employees and does in excess of one million dollars plus, … Read the rest

The Essence of Being “Teachable”


The article that follows concerns itself with the critical importance of manufacturers’ representatives exercising a willingness to learn new things and to explore how and why they should learn. Hopefully, the message that follows will prove interesting to everyone from the veteran sales agent, the customer service representative, the owner/leader, manager and office support staff. It covers everyone in the agency and should apply to all agency personnel.

When presented with an opportunity to participate in a training session or to take a business-related course, we always hear, “Who has time to learn anyway? I’m too busy making a living.” … Read the rest