Using Facebook as a Business-Building Tool


Most people know Facebook as a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, and to reconnect with long-lost childhood classmates. But there’s another side to Facebook — one that can help your business grow.

According to Facebook’s own compilation of statistics (found in their Press Room), more than 1.5-million local businesses have active pages on Facebook, and more than 20 million people become fans of pages each day. For CEOs and business owners, this means Facebook is definitely a way to spread your company’s message, build community and loyalty among customers, and ultimately increase your company’s bottom … Read the rest

Reinvent Relationships With Your Customers Online


With the popularity of social networks, the opinions of your loyal fans can be posted for the world to see. Encourage this free “advertising” by connecting with sites like Facebook and designing your own website to be friendly for your current and future customers.

Companies spend millions each year pay­ing agencies and marketers to brand their companies in order to reach more prospects. But how often do these same companies look carefully at the brand that is already built for them by their loyal, current customers? Like it or not, your “fan base” already has built your brand and holds … Read the rest