Downsize Your Information How To Do It and Why


Statistics and experience demonstrate that 80 percent of what we have we never use.

In a time when businesses desperately need to reduce costs and increase productivity, keeping “information clutter” makes no sense. Consider these statistics:

• A company that employs 1,000 information workers can expect more than $5 million in annual salary costs to go down the drain because of the time wasted looking for information and not finding it, according to a study by IDC.

• A survey of 1,000 middle managers say they spend two hours a day searching for information and 50 percent of the information … Read the rest

Is Your Office An Information Toxic Dump?


Effective Information Management is the Key

Kathy is the office manager for a large corporation. The great news is that the company is growing and Kathy is looking for employees to handle all the new clients. The bad news is that she has no office space for these new employees to work in. The truth is, the office and storage areas are full of filing cabinets and the desks are covered in stacks of paper. The worst part is, Kathy and her staff don’t even know what all that information is. It’s no surprise that Kathy can’t find space for … Read the rest