Making Your Message Memorable: Tips That Add Value To Your Words


Some presenters think that if they talk longer, they are giving more value or getting their point across more effectively, when in reality, audiences of any size, from five to 500, are eager for content presented as efficiently and memorably as possible.

One of my friends was a sales manager at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. He was a great salesperson one-on-one, but now he was facing a group of 10. “I’m very nervous,” he confessed. “How do I sell to so many people?” A professional association was debating whether to bring their convention to the city.

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Being Memorable at Networking Events


There is no point going anywhere if people don’t remember you were there! Networking is an important part of building your business and developing good social contacts. However, if you go to business events and no one remembers you afterward, what was the point in attending? Such contacts only work if you make yourself memorable. Happily, this doesn’t mean you have to be bizarrely dressed or loud and boisterous.

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Make Every Word Count: Be A Memorable Speaker


In sales, what would happen if your prospects could vividly remember why others choose to do business with you? Would it be profitable for you if they felt that you were more focused on their needs than your competitors? You can have that impact with a memorable pitch, or speech. If people are making hiring decisions for consulting contracts or a large investment, they are probably going to be discussing with a team or committee what they heard from various vendors, consultants, or sales professionals. Your goal is to have them remembering and repeating your key ideas and benefits: you Read the rest

Build Your Business And Credibility Through Public Speaking


Would you like to sell to 40 prospects at the same time? Well, step up to the microphone. Service organizations such as Kiwanis Clubs, Rotary, Lion’s or Optimist Clubs are always looking for a speaker to address their group for free. It’s a win-win situation. They get a speaker at no charge. You have a terrific promotional tool and more importantly are perceived as an expert in your field. Does that sound like a good head start over your competition?

Tips for Your Talk

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