Europe Seen as Fertile Ground for Reps and Manufacturers


There is an interesting dichotomy taking place as the Euro continues its show of strength vs. the U.S. dollar. On the one hand, we have economic statistics indicating that European exports continue to increase as a portion of GDP. While a considerable portion of these exported goods and services are traded to members of the European community, large amounts are exported to countries outside the European community. In fact, figures indicate that since 2002, exports from what we might consider the “Euro zone” continue to outpace imports.

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A Case History of European Missionary Work


When it comes to introducing new products into new markets, there are more similarities than differences between Europe and the United States.

Perhaps the major similarity is that it remains a challenge to efficiently and productively enter a new market while conducting the needed missionary work. The manufacturer and the manufacturer’s sales force (independent reps) know the extent of the challenge and they know what has to be done in order to meet that challenge.

Following the decision to enter a new market the typical questions that must be asked and answered are:

  • Who (which reps) are the right choice
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