The Backpack

I messed up. When I was a junior in high school, I crashed my mom’s car. The worst part was that I lied about the cause. My excuse was that I was reaching into the back seat to grab a brush. This was the ’80s, so I had to tame the mullet! The truth was that I was attempting to get a cigarette out of the pack and lit. This is not a story my 16-year-old self wanted to tell my parents, so I lied. That same year, my parents went away on a trip over a weekend, so I … Read the rest

Life Is a Struggle

Life is made up of a series of struggles.

We struggle to find ourselves and are envious of those it seems to have come so naturally to. We struggle through school. We struggle to find a career or job. We struggle to find a partner to live life with or struggle through life together with a partner. We struggle with raising children and maintaining a career. We struggle with an empty nest after the struggle of parenting. We struggle with aging parents. We struggle with retirement. We struggle to make sense of it all at every stage in life. We … Read the rest

Winning and Losing

Winning is outperforming the competition or overcoming the desire to quit. Every person wants to quit at some point. Humans are predisposed to quitting thanks to homeostasis because the exertion or stress we incur when competing takes us out of our equilibrium (homeostasis). The cells of the human body are always focused on balance. Stressors take us out of balance. The first step to winning is overcoming a physiological predisposition to pursue the path of least resistance.

Some people have no trouble overcoming physiological resistance, while others will only act out of desperation. Key number one to winning is your … Read the rest

Relationships Key to Success in Capital Equipment Sales

The process of developing a winning strategy when it comes to selling capital equipment involves logic and intuition. In order to achieve a high level of success it is important to have a step-by-step strategy based on past success as well as a focus on the “soft” points of the sales process. The step-by-step process is the logic and the intuition is all about the soft points. These soft points are noted in the article to follow along with a description of the steps necessary to increase your closing percentage.

This soft side of sales involves an ability to understand … Read the rest