You’re the Owner,
You’re the Expert


Ways to Leverage Your Business Acumen Locally

For William, finally hanging the “grand opening” banner on the facade of his business was a dream realized. After years of drafting and redrafting plans and budgets, applying for loans and acquiring the initial capital to break ground on his new property, he was able to turn his goal of owning and operating a local business into a reality.

At a recent Chamber of Commerce meeting, William found himself in a conversation with a colleague that proved invaluable. Amidst discussion of business tactics and customer development techniques, he was clued into a spectrum … Read the rest

PR and Small Business:
Practical Parallels


There are numerous preconceived notions about the field of public relations and the everyday life of a PR professional. Many Americans may envision a Hollywood landscape of exclusive events, material excess and prestige, while others visualize an individual furiously hammering phones and e-mail, determined to lock down an interview with an elusive editor. While the idealized pomp and circumstance of the publicity field may have found its way into some people’s schemas, the fact of the matter is that it’s closer to the latter, and shares many of the cornerstones that define any customer-centric small business.

Your company may be … Read the rest

Keys to a Successful Publicity Campaign


Every year, countless businesses from a variety of industries decide to take a crucial step in their corporate progression: a national publicity campaign. More often than not, there are a few critical missteps made at the outset that impede their momentum that have a direct impact on their PR return on investment. Public relations endeavors are an essential component to increased visibility and name-awareness, but without proper preparedness and implementation, visions of magazine covers and daily newspaper interviews can prove to be ill-fated pipe dreams.

Thankfully, there are a number of actions you can take to safeguard yourself from PR … Read the rest

The Breadth and Depth of Social Media Marketing


How to Maximize the Benefits of Your Online Campaign

Janet is a savvy small-business owner. She successfully navigated her way through the recession and is enjoying steady growth. She’s well-versed on her clientele and knows their individual likes and dislikes. She knows who her competition is and what they’re up to. She keeps up with trends, so she has a Facebook profile and a Twitter handle. So, why has she seen a marked increase in the growth of her competitors’ business and not her own? When she hears people speak of her product, why do they associate it with her … Read the rest