Those With the “In” Win: Getting Connected and Closing the Sale


My coffee shop was offering a free quarter-pound of coffee as part of a celebration.

As the attendant handed me a regular coffee from their prepared stack, I asked if I could have decaf. He said there was only regular. Since I’m not one to settle for rejection and since I know Kelly, the manager, from my daily visits, I asked her if I could have decaf instead. No problem — she went to the bean area, measured some decaf, ground it for a cone filter and smiled warmly as she handed it to me.

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Slaying the Gatekeepers: How to Get to the Top to Make the Sale


“Go No Further.” That might as well be the sign implied, perceived or implanted in most people’s minds when it comes to dealing with gatekeepers. Yet, if left in place, these blockers can kill your chances of making the sale because they control where and how your message moves upward.

It’s amazing how people stick with gatekeepers until they are about to lose the deal. Then, they come up with all sorts of creative ideas to charge upwards. Here are several ways to move these dragons out of the way.

Always Put Together a Penetration Strategy

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