Formula for Success — Dispelling the Age-Old Sales Myths currently lists more than 13,000 books that teach people how to be successful in selling. Most of these books are very good, while others are misleading. Unfortunately, some authors and “sales experts” continue to perpetuate age-old myths about selling that need to be dispelled. Three of these biggest myths are:

  • Myth #1: Anyone can be successful in selling if they work hard enough.

Hard work helps, but it alone will not make you a successful salesperson. There are salespeople out there who work 60-hour weeks and stay busy as bees and they still struggle to find a prospect or … Read the rest

Keep Your Sales Up — Even in a Down Market

Salespeople are being hammered in today’s economic environment. Entire market segments have evaporated. Customers and companies are holding back orders or literally have no money to buy. Opportunities and new prospects are fewer and further between. In 2008, many salespeople earned only half the commission they earned in 2007. Half! When you take a 50 percent pay cut, you know what a recession feels like.

But not all sales professionals are in a slump. Some are thriving. Some are busy growing their client base and making good money despite the uncertainty around them. And you can do the same. Your … Read the rest