What Will 2010 Hold for MANA Members?


A futurist’s look at what might happen for your business in 2010 — and some questions that could keep you thriving regardless of what happens.

There is no shortage of experts pontificating about the future this year. By now you have heard that the economy will take off like a bullet or will drop like a rock; health-care will pass or it will fail; and cap and trade will save the planet — but global warming is nonexistent. With so many conflicting opinions, who are you to listen to?

The best expert to listen to when it comes to how … Read the rest

Avoid R-Rated Communications Abroad


Key Principles for Principals Entering the International Marketplace

Last month we discussed the opportunities that exist by taking your products abroad. Although the U.S. is still the largest market in the world, many other emerging markets offer vast opportunities for the right products and marketers.

But before you run off to sell your latest product to India, take the time to verify the accuracy of your communications. If both rep and manufacturing principals do not carefully review what you are saying, you may find that your adventure to a foreign land turns out to be a failure.

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After the Ball Drops


If you have ever visited a health club on January 2nd, you know the places are packed. All around the country, people are feverishly running on treadmills and elliptical machines; they’re pushing weights above their heads; and they’re doing sit-ups like it’s their job. “This will be my year,” they say, as they punish themselves in spinning classes. People like this make up 30% of a gym’s annual new memberships. And in three weeks, most of them won’t be back until the next year.

The crowd has dispersed and left behind are the same dedicated people that were there well … Read the rest

Coping With a Shrinking Planet


For years we have listened to the claims that the planet is shrinking and the world is getting smaller due to technology and travel. Until recently, however, we have not really felt the effects or the costs of this global change.

The fact is the world is shrinking and, yes, technology and travel are contributing to this. But, more importantly, this “shrinkage” is caused by demographic shifts around the world, primarily in India and China.

These two countries now have the largest populations in the world as well as the fastest growing economies. Because of this they are the two … Read the rest