Talk Up Your Business:
Getting More Customers Via Public Speaking


All business owners want more customers. The question is how do you attract them? Advertising can be expensive and traditional marketing techniques may take a long time to show results. Fortunately, there is another option.

Did you know that as a business owner or professional in your field, you are also an expert? And, did you know that people (e.g., potential customers) want to learn from experts? That’s why it makes sense for you to share your knowledge by conducting informative presentations in your area of expertise.

Before you let your self-doubt creep in and proclaim, “But I’m not a … Read the rest

Marketing Your Business:
Get More For Less


As a business owner or leader, you always need to make sure you’re perceived as the expert in your industry and that you’re getting your marketing messages out in the right way. But with so much hype and conflicting advice these days about the best way to market your product, services, or company, how can any business owner know the best marketing path to take?

Implement the following marketing tips today and watch your profits soar.

Know What Makes You Unique

Yes, your company sells certain products or services, and you probably have years of expertise in what your company … Read the rest

Steps To A Professional Online Presence


Creating a professional online presence is a must for businesses these days. Many business professionals are wondering how they can be online without sacrificing personal privacy or appearing less than business or Internet savvy. The following strategies can help you feel more comfortable and make sure you build your online presence in a professional manner that will help get you clients, customers and business.

1. Use a professional photo of yourself and use it consistently on all of your online profiles.

Using the same photo helps potential clients and the media recognize you. Using cropped or unprofessional photos can really … Read the rest

Keys to Social Media Marketing Success


Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the latest buzz in the marketing and public relations realm. And as with any new pub­licity tool, people have a wealth of questions on how to best utilize it.

SMM takes viral marketing to the extreme. Just as you can send friends your favorite jokes via e-mail, with SMM people can spread your message for you, with just the click of a button. It’s a good type of “virus” that you hope your mes­sage gets infected with.

In order to ensure that SMM works for you in a positive way, you need to employ some … Read the rest

The Top Mistakes of Social Media Marketing

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As a business owner, you already know the importance of utilizing traditional public relations — print, radio and TV exposure — to keep your name circulating in the marketplace. Now, however, there’s a new PR outlet you need to become familiar with. It’s called Social Media Marketing, and when combined with your traditional PR efforts, Social Media Marketing can help you penetrate the marketplace with your message quicker and easier than ever before.

What is Social Media Marketing? It’s utilizing the various social networking sites to enforce your brand and market your business. A social networking site is simply an … Read the rest