Does Your Business Need a Boost?


Blogs and podcasts may be your answer.

Just when you think you have it all figured out in terms of marketing your business, along come some new technologies that revolutionize your company’s ability to promote itself to prospects and existing customers. And while most people have heard of these technologies by now, namely blogs and podcasts, few are taking full advantage of what these marketing media can offer their businesses.

Remarkably, as little as two years ago, blogs and podcasts were viewed as nothing more than places for opinionated people to rant and rave or assert their viewpoint. But today, … Read the rest

Use Today’s Web Technologies to Connect With Your Customers


For many small businesses, including manufacturers’ representatives agencies, the traditional ways of attracting customers are no longer enough.

Today, technology abounds, and the smart business owners are using it as a vital part of their business-growth strategy. In fact, since many people now spend more time online than they do listening to radio or watching television, web-based advertising is a must for any small business to survive. Following are some of the latest technologies you can use to reach existing customers and attract new ones.

Blogs — Blogs are short for “web logs.” These are informational postings you can create … Read the rest

Keys to an Effective and Profitable Website


Gone are the days when having a web presence was something only for multi-national companies with huge marketing and technology budgets.

In today’s business environment, having a website is a must for any business, no matter how large or small. In fact, not having a web presence is like having a storefront in a busy shopping district, yet always having the “closed” sign displayed and the doors locked. So while people may have heard about you, they have no easy way to buy from you or to get more information about what you do.

Even if you currently have a … Read the rest