Pump Up the Volume — Create the Soundtrack of Your Sales Career


All salespeople know that making a sale involves much more than a simple conversation with a prospect. In fact, the number of things the average salesperson has to do to close a deal can be staggering. There’s prospecting, information —gathering, research, cold and warm calling, sending emails and traditional marketing materials, doing pitches and demos, performing follow-up, and a host of other activities. As a result, it’s easy for salespeople to get burned out and unmotivated.

But success in any type of sales environment depends on having the proper mindset, and that includes being motivated, inspired, educated, and pumped up … Read the rest

Make Your Sales Team An Elite Sales Force


In every sales team, there are usually a handful of top performers — and then there’s everyone else. Imagine how much more successful your organization could be if every salesperson was an elite top performer. Think that’s not possible? Think again.

In other areas, we see groups of elite people who band together for a common goal or purpose: Super Bowl teams, Navy SEALs, top-rated college marching bands, etc. In any of these groups, you don’t see one or two people doing all the work, outperforming their peers, or being the lone superstars. Rather, everyone on the team is an … Read the rest